Episode 1: How to Succeed in Meetings in English

How to Succeed in Meetings in English

Welcome to the very first episode of the Community podcast!

I have been looking forward to getting started with the podcast for a while now, and here it finally is!

Each podcast episode includes the sections “Business Word of the Week” and “Phrase of the Week” as well as a main topic.  In this first episode the main topic is “How to Succeed in Meetings in English”.  I talk about how important it is to prepare before a meeting, and how exactly you can go about this.  Also, as a non-native speaker of English, it is important to have some phrases pre-prepared and ready to use before you go into a meeting, and so I am including some phrases in this podcast.

Being successful in meetings is difficult enough when everything is conducted in your own language, but when it is in English and your native language is not English, then it can by doubly difficult!  Hopefully in this audio, I can help you overcome some of the issues typically encountered by non-native speakers in English, and help you to be even more successful in your career!

What is your experience of attending meetings in English?

Do you find it difficult?  Are there any particular strategies which you find helpful?

Please let me know what you think in the comments section below, and all the best!


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