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access to culture

Episode 18: Intercultural Communication and The USA with Sharon Schweitzer

In this episode, I had the pleasure of talking to Sharon Schweitzer, founder of Access to Culture. A...Read More

learn English unfair advantage

Your Unfair Advantage

If you are learning English and developing as a professional at the same time, then you probably hav...Read More

English accent reduction

Episode 17: Your Accent is Awesome

Your accent can be an incredible accent – and yet many English learners are focused on reducin...Read More

persistence learning English

The Power of Persistence

It’s so important to keep going when you are learning English – and for sure you will ge...Read More

business English progress

Business English: How to Make Massive Progress

Learning to speak another language is a difficult task, especially when you have such a busy daily l...Read More

improve confidence in English

Episode 16: How to Improve Your Confidence Levels in English

Confidence is so important when it comes to learning and speaking English.  In this episode, I share...Read More

difference between issue and problem

The Difference Between Issue and Problem

Sometimes there is a subtle difference between “issue” and “problem” dependi...Read More

difference between business English and general English

What’s the Difference Between General English and Business English?

Say you want to improve your overall language skills, but you also work in International business wh...Read More

How to Improve your Pronunciation in English

Episode 15: How to Improve your Pronunciation in English

In this episode, I share 5 easy-to-implement strategies for improving your pronunciation in English....Read More

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