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Why Business English Is More Important Than You Think

Why Business English is More Important Than You Think

If you are reading this then you are probably trying to improve your business English.

And that’s fantastic!

But do your really realize just how important this is and how much of an effect it could have on not only your business life, but on your whole life?

Although many people believe learning business English is important, how many are really dedicating time and effort to make a significant improvement?

I like to compare learning business English with studying for a Master’s degree.  A lot of professionals are extremely dedicated to further studies, even when working.  And one of the forms of additional study is a Master’s degree.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I think it is great to study more in one’s area of interest / expertise, and for most people this is going to have a positive impact on their career.  But I think developing business English to a high level is equally, if not more, important.  Of course, it depends what industry you work in and on a whole host of other factors, but in generally I believe that business English is much more important than it is given credit for.

With business English, you will not only be able to practice and develop your career, but take it GLOBAL and interact with experts from around the world.  If you are in Sales (and most of us are, in one form or another) then you will be able to market your product, your service, or yourself, to an ever-growing international audience.  You will be able to present at international conferences and socialize with peers from different countries.  The benefits of business English are not just financial, they can really help you discover contacts and receive invitations that you never would have received otherwise.  In other words, business English can help you to operate at a higher level.  Independently of the money, you will be more recognized, more highly-regarded and more likely to be a “go-to person” for your particular industry or area of expertise.  Do you think it is likely that you will be interviewed on CNN if your business English is not good enough?  Will you be invited to give a conference in English if your level is not up to scratch?

There are so many opportunities out there and, as the saying goes, there are two things that don’t come back – time and opportunities.  Is your business English good enough, or are you going to make it good enough, to ensure that you seize your opportunities?

So for me, it really boils down to the opportunities and how business English can enable you to grasp them. How prepared are you to take the opportunities that will come along in your life?

All the best!

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