learn English unfair advantage

Your Unfair Advantage

If you are learning English and developing as a professional at the same time, then you probably have an unfair advantage! |n this video, find out what yours is and how you can use it to your advantag...

persistence learning English

The Power of Persistence

It’s so important to keep going when you are learning English – and for sure you will get there in the end! Watch this video for some motivation and encouragement. All the best! Paul  ...

difference between issue and problem

The Difference Between Issue and Problem

Sometimes there is a subtle difference between “issue” and “problem” depending on the particular context in which the words are being ¬†used – check out this video to find...

air travel vocabulary
common business acronyms

Common Business Acronyms

Lots of acronyms are used in business – find out the meanings of a few of them in this short video.  

How to Learn English QUICKLY!

I know you are busy and that’s part of the challenge – how can you learn English quickly and efficiently? Find out in this video! All the best, Paul