phrasal verbs for business

Episode 10: Phrasal Verbs for Business V

More phrasal verbs in real business situations, ideal for business English learners. I hope you find it useful, and please let me know if you have any questions! Have a great week! Paul Here is the fu...

phrasal verbs for business

Episode 9: Phrasal Verbs for Business IV

Here’s the fourth part of the phrasal verbs series.  I hope you find it useful and please let me know if you have any questions. Here is the full transcript: Phrasal verbs for business, part fou...

phrasal verbs for business

Episode 8: Phrasal Verbs for Business III

Continuing our series on phrasal verbs! In this episode, I explain 10 more phrasal verbs in a business context – very useful for business English learners! Please let me know if you have any que...

phrasal verbs for business

Episode 7: Phrasal Verbs for Business II

In this episode, I continue with the phrasal verbs for business series. Each episode (apart from the introduction) covers 10 phrasal verbs and discusses their use in real business situations. I know t...

phrasal verbs for business

Episode 6: Phrasal Verbs for Business I

I have received so many requests to go into a bit more detail on phrasal verbs, so I thought I would create a podcast series, and here it is! In this first session, I explain some of the theory behind...

Business books to improve business English

Episode 5: Using Business Books to Improve your Business English

Using textbooks to learn and improve at English is very common, and there is nothing wrong with using textbooks as part of a balanced learning program! However, it is also important to include more sp...

How to overcome the fear of speaking in English

Episode 4: How to Overcome Your Fear of Speaking English

Do you feel uncomfortable when you need to speak English in real situations? Lots of English learners feel a huge sense of embarrassment and fear when speaking in English.  Maybe it’s because th...

using different tenses to improve your level

Episode 3: Using Different Tenses to Improve Your Level

Using different tenses can really help you to improve  – you are going to sound more natural when speaking in English, and be able to describe more complex situations. So, stop using just the pr...

dealing with complaints in English

Episode 2: Managing Complaints in English

Welcome to Episode 2! Unfortunately, receiving and dealing with complaints from time to time is a necessary part of running or participating in more or less any business.  In this episode, I provide s...

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